On custom orders, Certified Athletic Apparel does not accept returns or offer refunds. Certified Athletic Apparel crafts custom apparel and sportswear. Each order is customized and designed exclusively for our clientele and businesses.

Consequently, we cannot provide refunds for your customized orders, as per our order policy.

If your product is damaged, defective, incorrect, or incomplete at the time of delivery, please contact us at support@certifiedathleticapparel.com, and we will ensure we provide you with a replacement at the earliest. 

Terms and Conditions

Customized orders are non-refundable

The average order turnaround time is 20-25 business days.
Rushed production turnaround time is 15-18 business days.
By confirming and checking out after you have paid for your customized order, you are in accord with our No Refund & No Returns policy.
Our firm encourages our clients to first order a custom sample of their choice with the specific designs to examine the overall appearance, to confirm the product meets their expectations. However, suppose your order is confirmed without a request for a custom sample. In that case, Certified Athletic Apparel will not be held liable for any discontent that the customer might undergo or feel.

Reasons Certified Athletic Apparel does not provide refunds on customised orders

Size issues

Our sizing charts are available on certifiedathleticapparel.com/sizing/. Our goods are according to the measurements on our size charts with a variation of +/-10%. Our policy is very clear i.e. we do not offer refunds or exchanges for goods that were ordered in the wrong size, and you cannot rely on the sizes of free samples. However, refunds and exchanges are available if you paid for a sizing kit or requested a custom sample.


The Pantone color code or the chosen code in your designs are the modes we use on clients’ uniforms and apparel. Pantone colors are always available, but if you would like any precise color codes, please inform the team of your choices. Please note that colors will print differently on the material depending on the GSM, weight, and kind of fabric. Due to these reasons, we do not provide refunds for color issues for different shades of color. However, if the company makes apparent mistakes in color (i.e., Navy instead of Sky Blue), the product will be eligible for refunds.

Designs & Graphics

The designs you select and customize are a general representation of the apparel we will craft. We endeavor to match the identical designs as per your wants, and we can provide surety the final product to be 100 percent accurate. Details such as placement, sizes of logos, figures, visuals, outlines and other requirements regarding the design must be stated in writing and established in the design sample to ensure we replicate it flawlessly. Hence, we do not agree or offer refunds for customized articles.

Turnaround Time

Our processing time is an average of 20-25 business days. Turnaround time is termed as the time taken from every confirmed order till each article is shipped to its prescribed address. Certified Athletic Apparel is not responsible for shipping duration. Usually, only three days are taken for shipping, but FedEx, DHL, and UPS delays occur. From the moment designs are confirmed, turnaround time commences, the sizes/numbers are approved, and the payment is disbursed. If any of the specified details are not completed, our turnaround time might be extended. We can manufacture sportswear and apparel as swiftly as 15 business days if there is a rush charge imposed on your order. Please note, there might be factors that compel our turnaround time longer for your order depending on the order size, type of apparel, current production demand and other specifications. While we are well aware of the importance of deliveries of your apparel on a timely basis, we take every measure to satisfy this need, it is unviable for us to provide assurance on-time deliveries. Hence, CAA does not offer refunds for orders that are delayed. Furthermore, rush fees are non-refundable as well if it was a rush production order.

Canceled Orders

As soon as a payment is disbursed, the order is given the go-ahead except if there is a PO or preceding agreement with an account manager. If an order is requested to be canceled once it is in process, a cancellation fee will be involved to recover our fixed expenditures (printing, fabrics, designs, labor, etc.). Below is our sunk-cost fee structure based on the time that has passed:
1-2 days = 15%. 3 days = 25%. 4 days = 35%. 5-7 days = 50%, 8+ days = 100%.

Return Policy

Any defects or flaws with articles that may qualify for a replacement, fresh item, or credit must be informed within 7 days of being received by the recipient. Defects and flaws i.e., inaccurate designs, misspelled names, omitted items, or kits with tears and rips. If there is a concern, we need to be informed immediately to take prompt action. Act fast!
Visual proof of faulty apparel must be provided for all concerns that you may have. 15 business are required for replacements to be received after the dispute has been inspected and repeat order has been placed.


Certified apparel has a guaranteed warranty of 30 days for all custom sportswear and apparel upon delivery. This means if your item tears or has defects, we can have it replaced free of charge if correct and proper evidence is provided, including photos is sent to us. After 30 days, we are no longer responsible for any damage or defects to your product.

Policy for Addons

25% charge for all add ons (under 10 pieces) if the client has ordered 10+ in a previous order.
40% charge for anything under 10 pieces if a client has not ordered at least 10 previously.
Add-on time is still 3-4 weeks.

Policy for Rush Orders

The minimum rush order fee is $350 or 20%, whichever is greater. Turnaround for the rush is 15 BUSINESS days from the day the order is put in (1 business day after your payment is made). There are NO guarantees. If your order does not reach the desired destination within 15 business days, the rush fee is completely refunded.

Policy for White-Labeling (Logo Removal / Custom Branded)

The minimum white label fee is $350 or 25%, whichever is higher. We can replace our Certified Athletic Apparel logo entirely from all sportswear and leave a blank space or swap with a personalized choice of logo.


Certified Athletic Apparel delivers worldwide, and many countries have enforced duty /taxes that will be charged prior to or after your products are delivered. The client is responsible for paying the duty/ taxes and not Certified Athletic Apparel. We predominantly ship with FedEx, UPS, and DHL. To read up on their policies, please visit their official websites.